Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hello blog followers! The deadlines are fast approaching for the CSA's Graduate Student Essay Contest and the CSA Best Dissertation Award.

If you are a graduate student, and seek to become published, the Graduate Student Essay Contest is a great place to start. The winner of this contest will be published in "Transforming Anthropology," the peer-reviewed journal of the Association of Black Anthropologists. The deadline for this contest is January 22, 2010, and you can find details about this it at the Caribbean Studies Association website at www.caribbeanstudiesassociation.org.

If you have completed your dissertation in the past two years (2008 and 2009), you are eligible to apply for the CSA Best Dissertation Award. The winner will receive a Crystal Award at the 2010 CSA Meeting in Barbados, and will be reimbursed their 2010 CSA membership fees. The deadline for this award is February 1, 2010. Please see the Caribbean Studies Association's website for more details.

These are great opportunities to have your work reviewed by prominent scholars who study the Caribbean through a multiplicity of disciplinary lenses. We encourage you to apply!

Contributed by Bianca C. Williams

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